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Electric Cars

Imagine roads free of engine noise with no CO2 or NOx emissions. Picture a city where you can breathe clean air, that’s completely void of exhaust fumes.

Does that appeal to you?

If it does then maybe you should take a look at our electric vehicle range.

An Investment for the Future

Electric cars are slowly beginning to become more and more popular as people are realising how they serve as a great investment. Comparing the price of an electric vehicle with a standard car is slightly off-putting for some people, as they can sometimes be more expensive.

But what they fail to consider are the long-term benefits of investing in an electric car which include:

  • Tax incentives
  • Significant fuel cost savings
  • Environmental benefits

What’s more, the concept of electric vehicles is relatively new so as more people start investing in them, prices will reduce as a result of increased production volume.

Fuel Cost Savings

How often have you filled up your car only to feel as if you’re returning to the fuel station the next day to fill it up again?

To make things worse, fuel prices are so volatile you never know exactly how much you are going to pay. With an electric vehicle you never have to worry about these costs again.

What’s more, fully charging an electric vehicle only costs £2 to £3 and will typically give you 100 miles of travel. Driving 100 miles in a diesel or petrol car will on average cost you £12 to £18, a significant increase compared to vehicles run by electricity. Just think of what you’d save week after week, month after month.

Tax Incentives

Having to contribute your hard earned cash to a certain tax policy is more often or not a depressing prospect. But investing in an electric car can save you a substantial amount through certain tax exemption policies, such as:

  • No road tax for electric vehicles
  • An enhanced 100% first year rate capital allowance rate for electric vans
  • Electric vans being exempt from van benefit charges for 5 whole years
  • Electric vehicles being exempt from company car tax for 5 years along with a reduced 10% company car tax rate for cars with emissions of 120g/km or lower.
  • An enhanced first year capital allowance for electric cars bought for fleets.

You’ll notice that everyone can benefit from tax exemptions when buying an electric car so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a private buyer or a business owner looking to invest in a new fleet.

Helping the Environment

Buy an electric car and not only will you benefit from a smooth, easy-to-use and pleasant driving experience; you will also feel good about helping the environment while doing so.

Investing in an electric vehicle will significantly reduce your carbon footprint as it generates absolutely zero carbon dioxide.

If you’re a business owner, think of the impact having a fleet of electric vehicles will have on your reputation. Customers will perceive as you as a considerate and environmentally friendly organisation.

If you’re a private buyer and you have children, then think of the effect that buying an electric car will have on their future. It will encourage them to do the same and help to reduce the long-term effects of global warming.

If you think you could benefit from investing in an electric vehicle, then all you have to do is contact us today.

Leyshon Flint & Sons makes every effort to ensure all prices and vehicle details on this website are correct. However, as these are used cars, the standard specification can sometimes differ from that shown. Please satisfy yourself that a vehicle has a specific feature that is important to you before purchasing, our showroom sales staff will be happy to assist you. Prices, offers and details of vehicles are subject to change without notification.
*Road Tax Costs: Please note, road tax prices are quoted for used vehicles. A higher road tax charge may apply to brand new vehicles in their first year. Please see the Governments web site for more information.

**Class 4 mot on this vehicle Only free mot for the exact person who bought the car , for however long they own it, vehicle will need to be in there name No repairs covered or any think bar cost of mot Strictly just the mot price If vehicle taken away after a failure is issued , mot retest fee of £19.99 Only x1 per year on time

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